Ubuntu Annex: Tasting cards

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After completing the design for the Lion’s Run winery label, we were asked to take some images for the cards that would accompany flights of the wine in the Ubuntu Annex tasting room. The client wanted warm, rustic images that would complement the full-bodied, complex nature of the wine.

In addition to the image above, we shot some images of simple dishes prepared by Chef Jeremy Fox of Ubuntu (more on this here).

Lavender-sugar almonds with sea salt.

Rustic loaf with farm butter and sea salt

Ubuntu Annex: Yoga Clothing 2

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This is another shot from the Ubuntu Annex yoga clothing shoot I did on a cold summer morning; the models look like I directed them to have that semi-devastated look so popular in fashion zines, but they were probably just bored and freezing their butts off.  Suffering in the name of style!

Bluefin VX2000 Housing

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As a design engineer at the company Light & Motion, I had a chance to work with and design some pretty cool products, including this housing for Sony’s then state-of-the-art VX2000 Video camera (a housing allows you to take your expensive piece of camera equipment diving without worrying about being attacked by an octopus, or other marine misadventures). As the lead designer on this project, I was a proud parent when it got recognition in both Men’s Vogue and Wired Magazine (excerpts above).

I also got to design some other fun products, including the underwater modeling light below.

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جامعتي الحبيبة

هل لك رؤية مستقبلية

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سبحان الله


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أهلا وسهلا بالأحباب..