Out of the Deep Blue (OOTDB) is a creative services consultancy specializing in photography (still and motion work: primarily food & wine, product & still life, portraiture, and underwater) and design (web & print design, product design). We are also in partnership with Appstem Media for iPhone and iPad Development.

Elijah Woolery, Principal & Founder

Founded by Elijah Woolery in 2006, OOTDB helps clients tell their story visually. Eli trained in the Product Design program (a blend of industrial design and mechanical engineering, which emphasizes “design thinking”) at Stanford University, graduating in 1998. While at Stanford, he also studied printmaking (with the Mexican-born artist Enrique Chagoya) and photography, subjects he found far more engaging than the advanced calculus courses he kept falling asleep in.

From there, he worked in Bermuda at the Bermuda Biological Research Station, where he was certified as a research diver and assisted scientists with their work, learning more about the mating habits of coral than he cares to repeat. Sufficiently addicted to the underwater environment, he took a job at Light & Motion in Monterey, California as a design engineer, where he had the chance to design, test, and flood many different types of underwater video and camera housings (he also became even more addicted to photography).

He then worked on his master’s degree in marine biology at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, where he brought his underwater video knowledge to practical use studying how sea lions are able to consistently steal fish from the salmon boats in Monterey Bay (answer: they are damn smart; or maybe just persistent). In a mad attempt to fuse his love of photography and the ocean, he started the magazine Wetpixel Quarterly in 2007 together with Eric Cheng. He continues to try his best to work with companies and individuals that are aligned with his interests, including sustainable food & wine, earth-friendly building, yoga, surfing, diving, and almost anything related to the ocean. He currently lives in Sausalito, California with Courtney (his lovely wife), and his medium-sized dog, Lewis.

Lewis, Chief Executive Canine

Alex Woolery, Lead Designer

While receiving an education as a mechanical engineer at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Alex realized what he enjoyed most in the field was designing things, whether that included the drier process of mechanical design, or the more creative and open aspects of invention, form and aesthetics. Though he ultimately decided against a career in engineering, he has always found some way to implement that background in every type of work. Alex has worked in graphic design since 2006, including (but not limited to) laying out and creating websites, phone application graphics, advertisements, event flyers, textures and video game graphics. In his work he combines his strong technical background and attention to detail with his life-long interest in artistic expression, which as best as he can remember began with drawing more dragons than one could count.

Appstem Media Partners

Hart Woolery, Lead App Developer

After graduating from UC San Diego with a degree in electrical engineering, Hart realized his education was of little value in comparison to his talents in design and development. He took advantage of the Flash skills he had picked up in his free time to find some freelance web design work. Not far down that path, Hart decided to do something more challenging, and joined Goowy Media, a San Diego startup. It was later acquired by AOL in 2008 and he continued to work with them until the split with Time Warner. Shortly thereafter, Hart created Appstem Media and has been enjoying building my first company from the ground up since. He’s spent the last decade honing his expertise in Objective-C and Actionscript development, and along the way building his proficiency in about 10 other programming languages.

Gavan Woolery, App Developer & Programmer

Gavan has been programming for over 15 years, as a study, hobby, and profession. He also does a lot of work with art and design, and constantly looks for ways to facilitate the design process through automation. During his time at UCSB and CSU Channel Islands he started a small freelancing business and developed a 3D engine called “Genesis” which was widely covered after its first demo, and was one of the first engines to feature displacement-mapping, solid terrain modeling, and entirely procedural content. After graduating from college he took on his first real job at Goowy Media, Inc. It was acquired by what was then AOL/Time Warner, and AOL eventually shut the product down after it split from Time Warner. Since then he has worked on a compiler and middleware infrastructure for media-rich applications, pioneered a new displacement mapping algorithm, and joined a new social gaming startup as an advisor.

Client & Colleague Testimonials

“We had a sense our website wasnʼt targeting our audience. Rammed Earth Works is
a company of innovators and artisan builders. We wanted a website that was old
world and cutting edge at the same time, as creative as we are. We interviewed
several web designers before finding Eli Woolery. We are thoroughly impressed with
the quality of his work. The entry page has clean lines that showcase our unique
materials and do not distract new visitors with clutter. The site is easy to navigate
and the text and visuals are well-placed to attract new clients. The site also directs
clients who are already familiar with Rammed Earth Works to visually appealing
examples of our work to inspire their own choices of material and design. Eliʼs
product design background and skills as a fine art photographer are exactly what we
needed. He is conscientious and easy to work with. Since the redesign of our
website we have experienced a notable increase in inquiries and new clients. We
enthusiastically recommend his work to professionals in need of artistic,
well-organized, and user-friendly web sites.”

“In the impeccable fashion of Stieglitz, Edward Weston and The New York School…Eli delivers moments in time that are rich in visual landscape. His images are timeless and sophisticated. He wraps his talent in a distinct and current knowledge of environmental culture and community”
Zach Augustine , EVP creative director , Winston Retail Solutions

“Eli has done great work for Consultants 2 Business — both in photography and video. His work is always of high quality, on-time, and within budget and he has also worked great with our clients and our internal team understanding our requirements and exceeding them. Definitely a pleasure to work with, very creative, and someone I will continue to utilize as a sub-contractor for my business.”
Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Creative
Dawn Miller-Croft, CEO, Consultants2Business

“Elijah is an extremely talented and creative person. He strives for excellence in everything he does from his photography, art, graphics work to writing and editing. With hard work and determination, Elijah’s partnership with Eric Cheng has produced one of the most beautiful underwater imaging publications I’ve ever seen. He is sure to be successful in anything he chooses to apply himself to. He is a pleasure to work with.”
Jackie Petro , Director of Marketing , Light & Motion

“Eli’s unique eye for great design began with his love of underwater imagery. Now his art and photography in any environment are a joy to behold.”
Barrett Heywood , CEO , Light & Motion

Testimonials for Wetpixel Quarterly:

The first edition of Wetpixel Quarterly is nothing less than stunning! Over the years I have concentrated on cine and video. Your remarkable – almost overwhelming – portfolio of still photography makes me realize what I have missed…the collection in one publication of World Class stills is unprecedented. Keep up the flow of pure gold. Your beautiful publication is an honored keeper in my library.

P.S. And the above is no B.S.
Stan Waterman
Pioneering underwater  producer and photographer

Wetpixel Quarterly is a magazine for underwater photographers, created by professional underwater photographers, and featuring the best underwater photography in the world. Wetpixel, quite literally, represents the state of the art.

Howard Hall,Emmy Award-winning underwater filmmaker

The design of Wetpixel Quarterly is so elegant, and the content and reproduction of such high quality,
that it could proudly sit on any coee table next to the nest hardcover art volumes from the
masters of underwater photography.
Doug Perrine
Award-winning photographer, founder of SeaPics.com