Client Testimonial: Rammed Earth Works

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One of the best scenarios in a service based business such as photography or web design is when the client shares your vision and supports your creative approach to solving a design problem (or better yet, gives you some great ideas to work with). I recently got some really nice feedback from Rammed Earth Works, who definitely fell into this category. In this case the end result not only looked great (IMHO), but has helped to bring inquiries and new clients. I’ll let the founder speak for himself:

We had a sense our website wasnʼt targeting our audience. Rammed Earth Works is
a company of innovators and artisan builders. We wanted a website that was old
world and cutting edge at the same time, as creative as we are. We interviewed
several web designers before finding Eli Woolery. We are thoroughly impressed with
the quality of his work. The entry page has clean lines that showcase our unique
materials and do not distract new visitors with clutter. The site is easy to navigate
and the text and visuals are well-placed to attract new clients. The site also directs
clients who are already familiar with Rammed Earth Works to visually appealing
examples of our work to inspire their own choices of material and design. Eliʼs
product design background and skills as a fine art photographer are exactly what we
needed. He is conscientious and easy to work with. Since the redesign of our
website we have experienced a notable increase in inquiries and new clients. We
enthusiastically recommend his work to professionals in need of artistic,
well-organized, and user-friendly web sites.

-David Easton, founder, Rammed Earth Works

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