Wolf short

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(Higher quality video here)

I’m bringing a borrowed Nikon D300s to a photo trip I’m leading in Mexico next week, and I wanted to play around with the video feature, so I decided to do a little local shoot in SF over the weekend. It was a lot of fun; when you are shooting video with an SLR most people don’t pay much attention to you, so it is relatively easy to get candid footage. And though I didn’t originally intend to shoot anything cohesive, I brought home enough footage to want to do something with it. After picking music, a short film kind of fell together. This was shot at Ocean Beach and Golden Gate Park, with a soundtrack by Sea Wolf (You’re a Wolf, Album:Leaves In The River).

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  1. Gavan Woolery says:

    Looks good given the equipment you are working with…but (as you probably know) you could definitely spruce it up on a budget with something like this:

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