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Salon St. Helena Tasting Room

Food Photography, Photography, Web Designon March 12th, 2012No Comments

In 2011 we took several photos of the new Salon St. Helena tasting room, which showcases the wines of both Harris Estate Vineyards and Jones Family Vineyards.  We put these shots together for a very simple and functional WordPress page at, which includes a rotating gallery, custom theme design and all the relevant information for getting there or contacting them.  The site makes for a good example of how photography can be used as the foundation of a site with very little else added!

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Ubuntu: Summer garden

Food Photographyon July 27th, 20101 Comment

Last week I did another shoot at Ubuntu’s wonderful biodynamic garden. I shot close to sunset, and I was feeling a bit frustrated with the images until the lack of light forced me to bring out my studio strobes (lugging those around along with the hundred foot extension cords was a lot of fun). With better control of the lighting situation I was able to create a few really nice images that felt much more painterly than the sunlit ones.

Artichoke in Ubuntu Garden

Squash Blossoms

Lavender drying in Ubuntu's barn

Ubuntu: Wine Spectator

Food Photographyon June 1st, 2010No Comments

Last week I did a shoot with the executive chef of Ubuntu, Aaron London; we were shooting a bean soup recipe for the September 2010 issue of Food & Wine magazine, and managed to sneak in a few other shots destined for an update of the Ubuntu site, including a lovely salad and a vegetable “dragon” with poached-egg head.

Bean soup for Food & Wine article

Vegetable "dragon" with poached-egg head

Ubuntu Restaurant: X-Ray

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When brainstorming ideas for Ubuntu Restaurant’s new website, I had the idea of using x-raying vegetables from Ubuntu’s biodynamic garden for icons. These shots, styled by Chef Jeremy Fox, were originally intended just to serve as style guides for the x-rays which I would take at the Palo Alto Imaging center with the help of my friend, radiologist Dr. Larry Chan.

Above, beets and radishes with Chef Fox’s “edible dirt;” below, squash and squash blossoms.

In the end, some of the above shots made it into the site, while the x-rays will be used in a future project.

Above, squash blossoms; below, radishes.

Whetstone Winery: Vineyard

Food Photographyon May 16th, 20101 Comment

In Summer 2009 we were commissioned by Whetstone Winery, a great boutique winery in the Napa Valley, to create a series of images for their website  and collateral marketing materials. I went up to Napa on a warm but cloudy day, and was able to get some images that the client really loved, shooting near the end of the day with good ol’ “magic hour” light.

Whetstone Viognier and tasting picnic

Jamey Whetstone pours

Michelle Whetstone showing the Syrah the love it deserves

Whetstone vines bask in the evening light

Ubuntu Annex: Olives

Food Photographyon May 14th, 2010No Comments

This was one of the first shoots I did together with Chef Jeremy Fox at Ubuntu Restaurant in Napa. We were tasked with putting together some images for tasting cards for Lion’s Run Winery (for which I’ve also done some print & web design work). The image is of olives with pesto, with some nasturtiums and some of Jeremy’s famous “edible dirt” scattered around.

A wide angle shot from this series also became a large poster hanging in the window of Ubuntu Annex:

Ubuntu Annex: Tasting cards

Food Photographyon May 14th, 2010No Comments

After completing the design for the Lion’s Run winery label, we were asked to take some images for the cards that would accompany flights of the wine in the Ubuntu Annex tasting room. The client wanted warm, rustic images that would complement the full-bodied, complex nature of the wine.

In addition to the image above, we shot some images of simple dishes prepared by Chef Jeremy Fox of Ubuntu (more on this here).

Lavender-sugar almonds with sea salt.

Rustic loaf with farm butter and sea salt